Evoltree Network of Excellence



Evoltree stands for EVOLution of TREEs as drivers of terrestrial biodiversity. It was a Network of Excellence that was launched and financially supported by the European Union within the 6th Framework Programme in April 2006 for 4 years.

The overall goal of the Network is to link four major disciplines (Ecology, Genetics, Genomics and Evolution) to address global issues that European forests are currently facing as environmental changes, erosion of biodiversity. During the four years of the EU support Evoltree has developed the necessary experimental and monitoring infrastructures and created a wide range of physical and electronic resources on which long term research can build upon.

After the initial phase, the network has continued to work actively. Read more about EVOLTREE on their homepage http://www.evoltree.org





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Antoine Kremer
INRA, Bordeaux, France
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