The FIREfficient project aimed to establish a sustainable knowledge and “lessons-learned” platform for the use by stakeholders at European level dealing with innovative tools and practices for the integration of prediction of potential fire events into land-use planning for improving wildfire prevention and attenuating the impacts of fires on civilians and properties, from a cost-effective approach. The project seeked to build capacity for planning developers to enhance the transfer of best practices and lessons learned in wildfires to planning practices and processes, through a set of knowledge management strategies.

The actions carried out during the Project were part of a sequential process of capitalization and transfer of knowledge and experiences structured in three phases: 1) Review and identification of innovative tools, processes and best practices, 2) Adaptation of the tools, methodologies and practices to the European context, and 3) Design of several products and a free-access platform for the capitalization and transfer of knowledge and experiences.

The general expected result was to structure relevant available information and construct and disseminate a common EU framework on innovative operational tools for improving wildfire prevention and risk management at landscape level from a cost-effective approach.

EFI's particular tasks:

• A2.1. Review and evaluation of updated knowledge, innovative tools and practices to measure extreme fire spread risk at stand and landscape level planning
• A2.2. Review of obstacles that can hinder the integration of key innovative knowledge, tools and practices into the planning process
• A3.2. Developing a methodology for incorporating large fire risk
• into landscape management decision making
• A3.3. Developing competencebased training standards in wildfire risk planning for land and fire planners
• A4.3. Developing a participatory platform of land and fire planners for large wild fire spread risk reduction
• A4.4. Knowledge repository platform based on lessons learned on large fires for land and fire planners

1. CTFC (coord.)
2. Pau Costa Foundation
3. EFI
4. GRAF / GenCat
5. King´s College London

More information on the project website: (last visited 20.06.2018)

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