FISE - Content update and development of the Forest Information System for Europe

FISE - the Forest Information System for Europe - is an entry point for sharing information with the forest community on Europe’s forest environment, its state and development. FISE brings together data, information and knowledge gathered or derived through key forest-related policy drivers. FISE presents the following five priority topics for forest data and information: forest basic data, nature and biodiversity, forest and climate change (impacts, adaptation and mitigation), forest health and resilience (natural disturbances, fires and pests), and (forest) bioeconomy.

The project will populate the current forest topics in FISE with content. The FISE will be regularly updated and extended to accommodate new content to support existing and future European forest-related policy, new user needs, and new available forest data and information.

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Mariana Hassegawa, EFI
Wageningen Environmental Research
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