The European Forest Institute was a partner of the core team of the ETC/NPB.  EFI was assigned specific tasks on an annual basis corresponding to the ETC/NPB's Technical Annex with the European Environment Agency. During the 3-year period the major fields of activity were the following:

  • Participate in the reporting activities of the ETC/NPB for reports compiled by the EEA.
  • Contribute to the development of a core set of forest biodiversity indicators, addressing issues relating to main policy sectors.
  • Ensure link with (1) the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Europe process related to Protected Forest Areas, (2) the COST Action E27 "Protected Forest Areas in Europe- and (3) the activities of EEA-ETC/NPB, UNEP-WCMC on a Common Database on Designated Areas.
  • Participate in the EEA International Working Group for Biodiversity Indicators and Monitoring and on EIONET workshops.
  • Contribute to the planning process of the international IUFRO conference "Monitoring and Indicators of Forest Biodiversity in Europe - From Ideas to Operationality-.
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