The project objectives were the following:

  • Capture and standardisation of forest products trade flow data 1962-82 from COMTRADE data.
  • Establishment of an accessible data base incorporating 1962-97 data. This consists of three levels: a) the first retained dataset is a compilation of the raw data with all corrections and substitutions with FAO numerical country and commodity codes. b) The dataset (a) is used to construct product datasets which are then summed to produce product aggregates. c) The third stage is to add country names, product names and regional codes to products and product aggregates. The results are then input into Microsoft Access to produce the final WFSE/EFI databases.
  • Updating documentation of the data set and the description of extraction and standardisation procedure.
  • Eventual entry in the EFI data bank.

The following publications deal with forest trade flow data:
EFI Discussion paper 3, EFI Discussion paper 4, EFI Technical Report 8 and EFI Research Report 16.

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