FORRISK - Network for Innovation in Silvicultural and Forest Risks Management Systems



The objective of this project was to identify the measures taken concretely in each of the participating regions, for the management of identified and foreseeable risks and to suggest innovations to improve the management of these threats.

This objective was to be reached through different types of actions: with studies on the inventories of risk management systems, with analyzes of the main risks affecting the project areas and the development of means to fight against these risks.

The expected results of the project were:

  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of risk management systems in forest in each region
  • Recommendations and identification of measures to improve the recognition of the many risks in forest management
  • A network of experimental devices to improve the forms of struggle (ecological, genetic or forestry) at the plot scale with respect to the risks identified
  • Tools for risk analysis and decision support (maps, computer models) to estimate the vulnerability and contingency
  • Technical data sheets to disseminate the recommendations of the project Policy makers, managers and scientists will therefore have in their hands the tools for managing the many risks threatening the forest of their area.


  1. EFI-European Forest Institute EFIATLANTIC, France
  2. Universidade Técnica de Lisboa / Instituto Superior de Agronomia ISA - Centro de Estudos Florestais CEF, Portugal
  3. Centre technique de la forêt et du bois des Asturies CETEMAS, Spain
  4. Instituto Vasco de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario Unidad de Innovación Agraria Dpto de Producción y Protección Vegetal NEIKER, Spain
  5. HAZI Kontsultoria, Spain
  6. Centre Régional de la Propriété Forestière d'Aquitaine CRPF, France
  7. CNPF service R&D antenne de Midi-Pyrénées IDF, France
  8. Empresa de Transformación Agraria, S.A Dirección Adjunta de  I+D+i Departamento de Medio Natural TRAGSA, Spain

More information at the project website: (last visited 27.06.2018)

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