The project objectives were as follows:

  • to review the role of dead wood as an indicator of forest biodiversity;
  • to review the currently applied monitoring procedures with regard to dead wood;
  • to propose a concept for the operational application of dead wood as indicator of forest biodiversity;
  • to present initial study results at the Conference "Monitoring and indicators of forest biodiversity in Europe " from ideas to operationality- (Florence, Italy, 12-15 November 2003;
  • to submit a report about the study results to the Conference proceedings.


The results of this project have been published in EFI Proceedings 51, pages 49-77:
Schuck, A., Meyer, P., Menke, N., Lier, M. and Lindner, M. "Forest Biodiversity Indicator: Dead Wood " A Proposed Approach towards Operationalising the MCPFE Indicator.

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