IMACFORD - Improving and Advancing Co-ordination of Forest Research and Development in Europe

The aim of the project was to develop an integrated, innovative pan-European research network, which contributed to the emerging European Research Area.  Input from representatives of industries, end-users of research and other stakeholders was an integral part of its work. The project had the following general objectives:

  • to exchange information and promote dialogue between the EU and the forest research community on the forest and forest products related research needs in the light of the forthcoming 6th Framework Programme and ERA, on the one hand, and on the existing research capacities and networks in Europe in the field of forestry on the other;
  • to explore and develop European networking in forest and forest products related research in a manner which will contribute to the European Research Area;
  • to come up with pre-evaluated pan-European research programmes/work plans serving the needs of geographical and thematic networking between countries and disciplines, to meet the requirements of the European Research Area.
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