INTEGRATE - Integration of nature protection in forest management and its relation to other forest functions/services. Forest biodiversity in managed and unmanaged forests and its assessment through criteria and indicators

INTEGRATE aimed at giving an insight on the potentials of integrating nature protection measures to forest management while addressing other forest functions/services based on existing scientific knowledge.Main questions in this context are: What is the current scientific knowledge on biological diversity in unmanaged and managed forests? How much nature conservation can be achieved in forests while maintaining their multifunctional roles and what are the possible trade-offs? Which policy and management measures are adequate to support or enhance nature conservation aims in forests? The geographic scope of the project was primarily the Central European region.

The project compiled the currently existing scientific knowledge and assess current policies. It allowed a better comparison of different conservation strategies within managed forests and to which degree these approaches contribute to nature protection/biodiversity conservation. The results gave  scientifically based input to the discussion on the topic ‘protection through management’ related to the forest sector.

The project consisted of two subprojects:


The first subproject addressed to what extent policy and management measures for maintaining forest biodiversity within multifunctional forests are in place. A set of country reports describing existing policies and legislation were produced and form the basis for a comprehensive meta-analysis across countries. The reports are available as pdfs:

Germany (BW)
The Netherlands


The second subproject assesses latest scientific knowledge on biodiversity in managed and unmanaged forests, investigates conceptual frameworks in the context of competing management goals. The final report is available here. (link last visited 10.7.2018)

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