Integrate - Waldbau im Klimawandel

The project is a service contract with the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia targeting the expansion of the Integrate Tablet software I+ for use in silvicultural training.
The project includes five tasks:

  1. Development of the Integrate+ Marteloskop-Trainings Software with extensions for silvicultural training;
  2. Description of Marteloscope exercises including evaluation functions;
  3. Support for the establishment of a third  Marteloscope demonstration site close to Bonn;
  4. Organising 2  workshops for the discussion about the use of the  Integrate+ Trainings Software  and for the  IT realisation of the software as well as links to other tools;
  5. Concept development for future work on integrated forest management and climate adaption (as preparation for proposal(s) to apply for external funding).
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