LEARNFORCLIMATE - learning to realize multiple forest policy objectives under climate related stress and disturbance

LEARNFORCLIMATE will develop innovative methods for collaborative science-, practice-, and policy learning; novel participatory tools to promote forest owners’ and managers’ social learning; and decision support and recommendations to enhance policy learning and enable goal achievement. 

EFI leads a Work Package on quantifying Biodiversity and forest ecosystem service provision in the case study countries Sweden, Germany, Poland and Slovenia and contributes to assessing forest owner perceptions and management responses and Science-practice-policy interactions and synthesis of research findings. 

More about the project: https://www.ltu.se/research/subjects/Statsvetenskap/Forskningsprojekt/Learnforclimate?l=en (last visited 3.1.2024)

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Marcus Lindner, firstname.lastname@efi.int
Luleå University of Technology
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