Options for Strengthening the International Legal Regime for Forests

The overall aim of the project is to seek options for improving the international legal regime for forests and to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of various options. In accordance with the terms of reference of the project, no conclusions or specific recommendations are made, since the primary aim is to explore the various options. The study is divided in three parts:

  1. The overall context for the international forest regime, presenting the most pressing international forest problems and seeking to establish the objectives for the international legal regime for forests.
  2. Analysis of the elements needed for the international legal regime for forests in order to achieve sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests; and of measures that would be ideal - against what actually exists - in order to identify the deficiencies in the present legal regime for forests.
  3. Discussion of the main legal options available for improving the international regime for forests: (a) improving operations with a status quo framework (b) new non-legally binding instruments and (c) new legally binding instruments.
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