PRUDENT - Promoting Green Nudging for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry

PRUDENT aspires to change the way agriculture and forestry systems currently operate and to accelerate the transition to sustainable agriculture and forestry practices and smart farming technologies. The project will identify and evaluate the most effective green nudges, in the context of appropriate behavioural and experimental settings, that can enable farmer/forester behavioural change to more
sustainable agriculture and forestry. Nudges will be also tested in natural contexts to evaluate the interactive effect of nudges with actual policy changes in the transition to sustainability. Four different systems, representing major farming and forestry systems in Europe in various EU regions will be studied. EFI will lead the Finnish Use Case pilot focusing on boreal forests.

Behavioural insights are used to develop transformative pathways, via social innovations, business models and policy recommendations, to encourage transition to fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly agriculture and forestry systems. Throughout the project's lifespan, multiple value chain actors, at various levels of society, will actively participate in co-creation activities to establish a mutual understanding of the benefits and bottlenecks of the value chain, as well as effective transformation pathways to change.

More information at the project website:  (last visited 20.5.2024)

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Anushree Luukela-Tandon, EFI
Agricultural University of Athens
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