Marie-Curie Action, part of the European Union’s Horizion 2020 Program, has recently selected to fund a new, global initiative in wildfire research. The initiative, PyroLife, will support 15 PhD students across the globe to pursue cross-disciplinary, wildfire-focused projects. The aim for the projects is to aid in facilitating the advancement of holistic, integrated wildfire management. For its participants, PyroLife focuses on incorporating diverse backgrounds that may promote creativity for innovative wildfire strategies. A key goal of the initiative is to instill intersectional, transferable knowledge and maximize employability for its graduates. PyroLife is a novel facet in the global wildfire network and may bring innovative ideas from a wide range of fields during a critical time in wildland fire research.

EFI is hosting one of the PhD students and offering expertise in the project.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme MSCA-ITN-2019 – Innovative Training Networks under grant agreement No 860787

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