REDIIBIO – Renewable Energy Directive REDII Sustainability Criteria

The objective of the REDIIBIO project was to provide technical assistance to the European Commission on the harmonised and correct implementation of the new EU sustainability criteria for forest and agricultural biomass used for energy generation, as set out in article 29 of the REDII.

Project overview

The project had four tasks: 

  • Developing a proposal for a guidance document on the implementation of the new risk-based sustainability criteria for forest biomass, including explaining relevant concepts, developing a method to apply those criteria, and identifying available evidence to show sustainability compliance (task 1).
  • Developing a proposal for a guidance document on the implementation of the new sustainability criteria for agriculture biomass, including explaining relevant concepts, reviewing best practices in relevant monitoring and management systems, and identifying available evidence to show sustainability compliance (task 2).
  • Performing an analysis of whether national or sub-national laws in selected countries address the new forest biomass criteria laid down in REDII; and carrying out a number of case studies to verify the applicability on the ground of the methods/types of evidence proposed in tasks 1 and 2 and to identify risks and uncertainties and ways to address them (task 3).
  • Supporting the Commission in its dialogue with stakeholders with the view to collect feedback on the proposed approaches/methods and ensure accuracy and objectivity of the overall project findings (task 4).


Stakeholders and consultation

A first stakeholder workshop was held on the 11th of October 2019 to collect input from a broad range of stakeholders. A second stakeholder workshop was held 25th of June 2020. Here the draft results of the project were presented to and discussed with the stakeholders. You can download the presentation of this workshop here.

The draft project deliverables for consultation can be downloaded here. Feedback can be provided using this feedback form until Friday 24th of July 2020.


Final report

The REDiiBIO final report can be accessed via the following link:

Citation: Guidehouse, EFI, IEEP and Oko Institut, 2021 ‘REDIIBIO – final report’ Technical assistance for the preparation of guidance for the implementation of the new bioenergy sustainability criteria set out in the revised Renewable Energy Directive, ISBN 978-92-76-36161-9

The report informed DG ENER for the preparation of the draft implementing regulation, which was under public consultation last April. For process and the draft regulation, see:


Project coordination and contacts 

The REDIIBIO project consortium was led by Navigant and includes the European Forest Institute (EFI), the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), the Oeko Institute and the Spatial Informatics Group (SIG). The coordinator was Michèle Koper / Navigant.




The results of the REDIIBIO project have been performed under contract no. ENER/Cl/2019-439/S12.807585 with the European Commission. Opinions expressed in any of the project outputs are those of the contractors only and do not represent the European Commission official position. Neither do any of the project outputs reflect an official position of the European Forest Institute.

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