Review of Existing European Forest Sector Foresight Studies

Review on Forest Sector Foresight Studies and Exercises

In the future, major global challenges such as globalization, biodiversity, climate change and meeting future energy demand will place significant challenges on the future of EU forestry and land use. Forest policies alone have limited impacts in addressing the multifaceted issues linked to globalization, climate change, competitiveness, biodiversity and social sustainability. Maintaining the competitiveness and vitality of forest sector in the spirit of Lisbon declaration calls for a multidisciplinary foresight exercise in a wider approach, acknowledging foreseeable changes in the European civil societies, environmental paradigms and value chains identified in the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform, is needed. This project aims to review the existing foresight studies and place them in a wider context. Based on the results a synthesis paper will be published by EFI on the existing foresight studies with relevance to forest-based sector.

The results of this project have been published as EFI Technical Report 29,

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