RoK-FOR - Sustainable Forest Management Providing Renewable Energy, Sustainable Construction and Bio-based Products



RoK-FOR is a Coordination Action of five regional research-driven clusters from six European countries: Germany (Baden-Württemberg); Finland (North Karelia); Spain (Catalonia), and the cross-border clusters from Croatia-Serbia and France-Spain (Aquitaine-Basque).

The objective of RoK-FOR project is to determine and start strong co-operation between research-driven, forestry-based clusters operating on trans-national and inter-regional levels. This will be done through formulating a joint strategy and action plan for sustainable forest management and development, leading to increased innovativeness and competitiveness.

The participating regions collectively form a European level meta-cluster that will be working together to increase the coherence and address the needs of three Lead Market Initiatives, i.e. the areas of renewable energy, sustainable construction, and bio-based products.

The RoK-FOR work programme is divided into seven interconnected work packages. The project will analyse the regional Research and Development resources, capacities and needs as well as policies and innovation framework of the participating clusters, and integrate them in regional research agendas. A Joint Action Plan will be developed building on complementarities and synergies between the participating regions. RoK-FOR will also take measures towards implementing the Joint Action Plan, including business plans and, for example, joint activities and projects mobilising regional, national and international funding available. RoK-FOR will address the European need of capacity building of the clusters in contributing to regional strategies and support integration of SMEs in RTD. Project has a specific Work Package for mentoring the cross-border region of Croatia-Serbia.

EFI will lead the analysis of regional capacities and policies and the development of the Joint Action Plan. Furthermore, EFI will have a strong role in mentoring activities as well as in dissemination and stakeholder interaction. Central European Regional Office – EFICENT and Central-East European Regional Office – EFICEEC will be strongly involved in the project.

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