SAFARI - SFM approaches to foster FLEGT and REDD+ interactions

SAFARI is a three-year project aiming to identify how a holistic Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) concept can interlink and support REDD+ and FLEGT implementation, to analyze their current and possible future impacts, foster their operability on all levels and to demonstrate the multiple benefits of SFM.

The objective of SAFARI is to strenghten possible links and interrelations between the holistic SFM concept and REDD+ and FLEGT policy processes.

The desired impact is firstly to improve the awareness of the potential of REDD+, FLEGT and SFM to reinforce eachother (and of the potential pitfalls created by avoiding to exploit this potential). Another important focus will be given to reporting requirements and development of guidance for implementation of streamlined monitoring and information systems.

The project is coordinated at EFI by the unit of climate change and sustainability. EFI develops and implements the project communications strategy, supports the comparative review of FLEGT/REDD+/SFM; contributes to the definition of a national forest information system; and contributes to development of case study methodology for the synergies and gaps analysis.


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SAFARI is conducted by the European Forest Institute, University of Hamburg and University of Leuven and it is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

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