Sci4FE - Science supporting the Forest Europe process

Forest Europe (FE) (formerly known as the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe - MCPFE and established on 18 December 1990) is Europe´s high level political process that develops common strategies for its 47 signatories (46 European countries and the European Union) on sustainable management of forests (including the protection of forests) in the Pan-European region. It takes decisions on common aspects of the highest political relevance regarding forests, forestry and forest related issues in order to maximise the contribution of European forests to the ecological, social and economic well-being of the region.

The key tasks of LUBo (Liaison Unit Bonn) will be:

- Elaboration of the draft of the Work Programme 2021 – 2024 under the guidance of GCC;

- Acting as a liaison point for the overall communication between FE stakeholders (i.e. representatives of governments of signatory countries, international institutions and processes, international interest groups of forest managers, wood-processing organizations, universities, and research institutions) with the aim to promote the sustainable forest management (SFM) concept and implement the FE Work Programme;

- Preparation of reports, background documents and other documents for the meetings;

- Preparation of terms of references for respective expert groups, individual external experts conducting analysis, studies, expertise, etc. necessary for the implementation of the work programme and ministerial commitments;

- Day-to-day coordination of the implementation of all actions and activities of the work programme;

- Preparation and implementation of communication strategy;

- Representation of the process in regional and international forest related events and organizations in consultation with GCC;

- Providing travel support for delegates from signatory countries with economies in transition for ELM and MC;

- Liaison with relevant international and regional organizations and processes;

- Organization, logistics and administrative support of FE meetings and other events.

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