SUFOGIS - GIS and Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forestry and Ecology





SUFOGIS aims to respond to the needs identified by promotion of sustainable forestry and ecology in Russia and China through improved university-enterprise cooperation by enhancing skills and competences of students and professionals. The project also aims to enforce capacity building in the fields of GIS and remote sensing in higher education institutions in partner countries. The short-term goals are to train staff of the Russia and China organisations, to organise summer courses in order to educate Russian and Chinese students, to develop knowledge transfer guidelines, and to equip the proposed centres.

Read about a training course in Greece in 2019.

EFI will be organising a summer school as well as training for the staff of partner countries' staff, among other things.

More about the project:  (last visited 5.6.2020)

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Jo Van Brusselen, EFI
University of Aristotle, Thessaloniki, Greece
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