The project was a consortium project under the title 'Towards progressive forest sector in North-West Russia', consisting of four subprojects:

The first subproject, led by Olli Saastamoinen, focused on the role of forest policy, legislation, and national forest programmes in Russia.

The second subproject was led by Timo Karjalainen and the focus was on technology transfer for efficient and sustainable forest management and wood procurement in Northwest Russia.

The third subproject, led by Anne Toppinen, focused on export of roundwood and sawnwood from Russia and international integration of markets.

The fourth subproject focused  on forest industry investments and timber trade in Northwest Russia and economic effects on local and regional communities in Northwest Russia and Finland and was led by Pekka Ollonqvist.

EFI's role in the project is to produce an overview of forest resources in Northwest Russia and their accessibility, to propose new forest management practices in silviculture and to analyze modern time series econometrics by using economic theory of market competition and international trade in forming theoretical background.

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