Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in European Forests

Policy Brief 6

Marja Kolström, Terhi Vilén, Marcus Lindner
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This Policy Brief was compiled within the Models for Adaptive Forest Management (MOTIVE) project, a largescale integrated project in the 7th Framework Programme of the EU. MOTIVE seeks to develop and evaluate strategies that can adapt forest management practices to balance multiple objectives under changing environmental conditions. The objectives of this policy brief are to outline the status of current knowledge on the climate change impacts and adaptation in European forests, and to identify the challenges that need to be addressed for successful responses in policy and management.

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Recommended citation:
Marja Kolström, Terhi Vilén and Marcus Lindner. 2011. Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in European Forests. Policy Brief 6. European Forest Institute.

Number of pages: 16

ISBN: 978-952-5453-77-5 (printed)
ISBN: 978-952-5453-78-2 (pdf)