Forest biodiversity in the spotlight - what drives change?

Elisabeth Pötzelsberger, Jürgen Bauhus, Bart Muys, Sven Wunder, Michele Bozzano, Anna-Maria Farsakoglou, Andreas Schuck, Marcus Lindner and Katharina Lapin
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Forest biodiversity is the basis for forest functioning, the provision of a multitude of forest ecosystem services and for maintaining forest adaptation and resilience to climate change.

This policy brief looks at the following key issues:

* What do we know about the status of forest biodiversity in Europe?
* What are the key factors affecting forest biodiversity?
* How can forestry ensure the conservation and restoration of forest biodiversity?

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Recommended citation:
Pötzelsberger, E., Bauhus, J., Muys, B., Wunder, S., Bozzano, M., Farsakoglou, A-M., Schuck, A., Lindner, M. and Lapin, K. 2021. Forest biodiversity in the spotlight – what drives change? European Forest Institute.


Number of pages: 12

ISBN 978-952-7426-09-8 (pdf)


Elisabeth Pötzelsberger, EFI
Jürgen Bauhus, Chair of Silviculture, University of Freiburg 
Bart Muys, Division Forest, Nature and Landscape, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, KU Leuven 
Sven Wunder, EFI
Michele Bozzano, EFI
Anna-Maria Farsakoglou, EFI
Andreas Schuck, EFI
Marcus Lindner, EFI
Katharina Lapin, Department for Forest Biodiversity and Nature Conservation, Austrian Research Centre for Forests