Long-term outlook for engineered wood products in Europe

Technical report 91

Heikki Manninen
Published on

Several emerging factors along with the lack of research increase the need and motivation for future oriented market research of engineered wood products (EWP) in Europe. For example, the need for CO2 emission mitigation in the construction sector, political willingness to promote wood construction, the pressure to develop new innovative wood products in Western countries due to increasing competition from emerging economies in wood products markets,and new technological and construction business concept innovations are changing EWP markets and their prospects in many ways. Information about EWP future prospects is topical and important for decision-makers, forest industry and construction sector.

The main objectives of the study are to introduce and review the current state of EWP markets, and to provide a long-term outlook for EWP markets in Europe.

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Recommended citation:
Heikki Manninen. 2014. Long-term outlook for engineered wood products in Europe. EFI Technical Report 91. European Forest Institute.

Number of pages: 46