Russian forests and climate change

What Science Can Tell Us 11

Pekka Leskinen, Marcus Lindner, Pieter Johannes Verkerk, Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Jo Van Brusselen, Elena Kulikova, Mariana Hassegawa and Bas Lerink (editors)
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Leskinen, P., Lindner, M., Verkerk, P.J., Nabuurs, G.J., Van Brusselen, J., Kulikova, E., Hassegawa, M. and Lerink, B. (eds.). 2020. Russian forests and climate change. What Science Can Tell Us 11. European Forest Institute.

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Russian forests and climate change: status, impacts, vulnerability and adaptation needs // Краткая аналитическая записка: леса
России и изменение климата: текущее состояние, последствия, уязвимость и потребности в адаптацииго

How Climate-Smart Forestry could benefit climate change mitigation in Russian forests // Как подходы климатически оптимизированного ведения лесного хозяйства могут  способствовать смягчению последствий изменений климата в российских лесах

Role of the bioeconomy in long-term decarbonisation pathways in Russia // Роль биоэкономики в долгосрочных процессах декарбонизации в России


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Russian forests for climate, jobs and economic growth

Russian forests and climate change: current status and adaptation needs

Climate-Smart Forestry approach


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Number of pages: 136

ISSN 2342-9518 (printed)
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ISBN 978-952-5980-99-8 (printed)
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Kindly note that we have uploaded a new version of the file on 29 March 2021. In the file we have corrected Figure 5, where mill. ha was corrected to thousand ha; and in Figures 16 and 18 the captions were clarified.