ThinkForest brief: EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT Action Plan: Lessons learned and policy implications

Ragnar Jonsson, Alexandru Giurca, Mauro Masiero, Ed Pepke, Davide Pettenella, Jeffrey Prestemon and Georg Winkel
Published on

A scientific assessment of the EUTR and FLEGT Action Plan. It examines the two policy measures’ effects on illegal logging, timber markets and trade flows, and governance, with case studies from Cameroon, Ghana, Indonesia, Italy and the UK. It also presents practical policy implications, which focus on the need to: ensure coherent and consistent implementation of the EUTR; provide support for smaller enterprises; include China in moves towards legality; recognise that legality does not guarantee sustainability.

This short report for policymakers summarizes the policy conclusions of From Science to Policy 1, Assessment of the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT Action Plan (2015).