ThinkForest brief: European Forest Governance: issues at stake and way forward

Helga Pülzl, Karl Hogl and Peter Mayer
Published on

This report provides a condensed and structured description and assessment of forest-focused and forest-related policies and of actor constellations at the European level. It covers pan-Europe and the European Union (EU) as policy arenas and does not analyse and discuss national forest policymaking and the ways in which European decision-making influences national policymaking. It reviews and integrates the existing scientific literature on EU and pan-European forest governance, drawing on a number of interviews with policy experts from the field. The report sets out to provide a fresh look at potentially innovative approaches that may enable enhanced cross-sectoral and multi-level communication, coordination and cooperation.

This short report for policymakers summarizes the policy conclusions of From Science to Policy 2, European forest governance: Issues at stake and the way forward (2013).