Forest Bioeconomy Network

The Forest Bioeconomy Network (ForBioeconomy) is a research network that primarily focus on the forest-based bioeconomy in the context of northern Europe, addressing both regional diversity as well as emerging challenges and opportunities.

ForBioeconomy will establish strong cooperation with the Bioeconomy programme coordinated from Joensuu, with a specific focus on:

  • sustainable and efficient production and use of biomass, 
  • securing sustainable provision of forest ecosystem services and,  
  • promotion of supply and demand for bio-based products. 

The Network mainly conduct activities in the field of research and knowledge networking (e.g., scientific seminar, research development and policy analysis), capacity building (e.g., summer schools, PhD seminars, collaboration policy-research organizations) and building bridges through scientific cooperation (e.g., between northern European countries, and/or between forest stakeholders).

The Network is, as the predecessor EFINORD, based in Umeå, Sweden at the Faculty of Forest, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. 

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Do you want to join our Network, suggest activities or inform us of forest related bioeconomy? Contact Coordinator, Peichen Gong,, Assistant Coordinator, Adan M. Cruz, or Communication Officer, Mona Bonta Bergman,