Forest Policy Research Network

Forest Policy Research Network is coordinated by the University of Natural Resources and Life Science (BOKU) in Vienna. We focus on the analysis of forest-related policies, actors, implementation, innovation and monitoring in Europe and globally. 

We focus on the following key areas:

European forest governance:

  • Trade-offs and synergies of forest-related policy issues
  • European and global forest policy processes
  • EU forest policy decision-making, implementation and evaluation

Linking bioeconomy, innovation and policy:

  • Innovation systems and processes in the forest-based bioeconomy
  • Forest and bioeconomy policies, strategies, implementation, impact assessment and evaluation
  • Innovation support for new wood products, value chains and business models
  • Innovative approaches for integrated land-uses, ecosystem services and rural development

Societal perspectives in the forest-based sector:

  • Gender in forestry
  • Forest ownership
  • Social Innovation
  • Stakeholder perceptions and interaction
  • Urban forestry

Monitoring, reporting and assessment:

  • National, pan-European and international C&I for SFM
  • Related quantitative and qualitative data and information
  • C&I for SFM assessments
  • C&I based reporting
  • Forest-related input to bioeconomy, biodiversity and other forest-related indicator sets

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