Diana Tuomasjukka (Vötter)

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Tuomasjukka (Vötter)
Head of Bioeconomy Programme

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Diana is the Head of the Bioeconomy Programme. She has a PhD in Sustainability Impact Assessment from the University of Freiburg, and an MSc in Forestry and Wood Industry from the Technical University of Munich. She was previously Principal Scientist and Team Leader for the “Sustainable Bioeconomy” team at EFI. She has been working at EFI since 2009. Prior to that she was research assistant at the University of Freiburg, at Skogforsk and the Technical University of Munich.

Diana’s research interests include topics related to systemic, wholistic and cross-sectoral approaches to sustainability, circular bioeconomy and innovation within the planetary boundaries. She is active in the EFI’s Bioregions Facility, as well as in multiple EU projects (main focus on environmental and socio-economic performance, or tools for ecosystem services/natural capital), as well as several other smaller projects. She is also active in regional and international initiatives and networks, supporting the implementation of a circular bioeconomy.

Key topics: sustainability; assessment methods and frameworks; process value chain modelling; ecosystem services and natural capital; social innovation, capacity building, participatory approaches

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