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Van Brusselen
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Jo has been working over 20 years with EFI in various research and management positions. His work spans a broad range of topics, including policy impact assessment; criteria and indicators; forest products trade and markets; forest mapping and modelling; always with a European or global scope.

Thematic and project experiences include e.g.:

  • Bioeconomy sector development potential (RUFORCLIM (2020-2021), funded by EU and BMU; Foresight study (2020), funded by FAO)
  • Policy impact and evaluation studies (EU Forest Action Plan mid-term evaluation for DG AGRI (2009); Cost Cumulative Assessment for the Forest-Based Industries for DG GROW (2015-2016));
  • Good practice guidance development (REDII forest sustainability criteria compliance, for DG ENER (2020-2021); Forest Concessions Initiative GPG for FAO (2017); FAO-WB-PROFOR Forest Governance Monitoring (2011-2012); VPA impact monitoring for EFI EU FLEGT Facility (2011-2013)).
  • Infrastructure and RTDI networking projects, e.g.: Bioscope (NKRC, 2021-2023), Global Timber Tracking Network (BMEL, coordinator, 2017-2020), Trees4Future (FP7, WP leader; 2013-2016) and LignoSilva CoE phase I (H2020, 2015-2016), European Forest Risk Facility scoping study (BMEL, 2014-2015).
  • Forest products trade flow data analysis and systems development (EFI internal (2015-); ITTO IMM (2013-2014); Eurostat (2000-2003); IUFRO-WFSE (2001));
  • Policy requirements review, stakeholder interaction and dialogue to define EO technical requirements and specifications (TESEO/GMES/Copernicus (2001-2010, 2021-2023);
  • Strategic research agenda development (FLEGT-REDD, Trees4Future etc.);
  • State of forest and environment reporting (Forest Europe State of Europe’s Forests 2020-2015-2011; UNEP Global Environment Outlook GEO-4; EEA State of Europe’s Environment SOER-2010; EEA European forests – ecosystem conditions and sustainable use (2008))
  • Forest and biomass mapping, modelling and assessment (Biomass assessment methods development (BEE FP7, 2008-2009); EFI forest cover and growing stock maps (JRC, FP6-7); Modelling of pan-European forest resources (EFSOS I, UN-ECE/FAO))
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