Matilda van den Bosch

Matilda van den Bosch
van den Bosch
Senior Researcher

Matilda van den Bosch is a Senior Researcher for EFI's Biocities Facility. She has a degree in Medicine from Uppsala University in Sweden and a PhD in Landscape Planning and Public Health from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. She holds an adjunct professorship at the University of British Columbia, Canada, and is a senior scientist at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Spain. During more than a decade as a researcher, she has been conducting, leading, and managing projects in Europe and beyond. Being a pioneer in the research field of nature and public health, she is a leader on the topic of interactions between urban greenspaces and people and has worked across sectors and disciplines with the ultimate goal of finding nature-based solutions for creating healthy and green cities now and in the future. 

Key topics: urban forests, urban challenges, and human and societal well-being, including aspects of climate change mitigation, ecosystem services and sustainable development