Job title
Senior Researcher
Bioeconomy Programme
Smart Forestry
Sustainable Bioeconomy
Headquarters, Joensuu
michael.denherder @
Telephone number
+358 (0) 10 773 4343

Michael is a senior researcher at the European Forest Institute. Before joining the EFI, he worked as a researcher at the University of Eastern Finland on several project on the ecological impact of large herbivores, small mammals, forest management and forest fires. At EFI, Michael worked in the AGFORWARD project (Agroforestry that will Advance Rural Development) where his main task was mapping the current extent of agroforestry in Europe, as well as its opportunities for application at a wider scale. Currently, he is working as a researcher in the TECH4EFFECT project (potential of innovative silvicultural systems) and as an Innovation Broker in the Finnish Agroforestry Innovation Network (AFINET).

Key topics: agroforestry; forest ecology; sustainability of supply chains; forest management; ecosystem services