Sarah Adams

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Communications Manager

Sarah Adams leads communication and dissemination activities for EFI’s Mediterranean and Genetics Resources Facilities. A former NGO project manager, she had broad experience in international development and marine conservation, before joining EFI where she has been leading communications activities for over 10 years.

Sarah has led and shaped EFI's network communications for the Mediterranean region and has been involved in many European-scale multidisciplinary projects, leading the communications and dissemination work packages of H2020 HoliSoils and SINCERE, and the FP7 Bewater, co-leading the H2020 INCREDIBLE and the FP7 StarTree, and providing expertise to FP7 projects FORESTERRA and AGORA. She joined the EUFORGEN Secretariat in July 2022 and will develop strategies for dissemination and communications for the Secretariat and its affiliated projects. She has a postgraduate degree in secondary education from Exeter University and a bachelor's degree in modern langauges and literature from the University of Birmingham.


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