European Forest Genetic Resources Programme (EUFORGEN) is an international cooperation programme that promotes the conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe as an integral part of sustainable forest management.
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EUFORGEN Secretariat

Using the resources provided by the countries, the European Forest Institute (EFI) appoints the EUFORGEN Coordinator and other staff to work for the Programme. The Secretariat collaborates with EFI and with FAO and seeks their advice on relevant scientific, technical or policy-related issues. The Secretariat prepares technical and financial reports annually and represents the Programme at relevant meetings.

Science & Policy

We provide support and promote the dissemination of scientifically sound policy-relevant information on forests and forestry.

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Our Research

We provide interdisciplinary and cross-sector research on forest resources, products and services on a pan-European level.

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Our Members

We have representatives from forest research, industry, forest owners and international forest-related organisations.

The past and future of a unique pine population

A Greek professor of forest genetics, Phil Aravanopoulos, travels back to his place of birth, the Lesvos island. Inspired by the father of botany, Theophrastus, who was born and lived on the island, he researches the black pine forest that he cherished since he was a boy. This population of trees is now threatened by climate change.