BenchValue partners met in Limoges

Europe aspires to create a thriving bioeconomy. For this, new innovative product value chains need to be developed, but an increased uptake of bio-based products is only possible if they are economic and more sustainable than competitive products.

BenchValue project aims on developing a versatile benchmarking method to compare between renewable wood-based and non-renewable value chains and to quantify the sustainability impacts and climate change mitigation potential of substituting non-renewable with wood-based materials to support decision makers in policy and market environment.

On 13-15 May,  Diana Tuomasjukka and Cleo Orfanidou  participated in the Benchvalue Project Meeting  in Limoges, France. Together with partners from France, Ireland, Lithuania and Austria they discussed how the project is moving forward and exchanged details on WP4 (ToSIA chains and data). Moreover, the last day of the meeting French stakeholders invited to discuss about the local wood construction sector and how it can become stronger in France and contribute to the national Bioeconomy. Before the end of the project meeting, the participants visited two construction sites in which Douglas Fir has been used in practice.  

Save a date! Final stakeholder conference with project results on national case studies and recommendations: 23.10.2019 in Vienna!

Learn more about BenchValue here.

Photo: Diana Tuomasjukka