FORBIO-related backcasting workshop

FORBIO project aims at providing the preconditions for the sustainable increase of climate-neutrality and resource-efficiency of forest bioeconomy. The key actors in forest bioeconomy and ministries are stakeholders of the project.

This research project is implemented by UEF, School of Forest Sciences and Department of Chemistry, Finnish Meteorological Institute, LUKE, EFI and Finnish Environment institute. The research focuses on five interrelated research topics which research challenges are solved in close cooperation and interaction using the special skills and expertise of different partners. The climate datasets provided by Finnish Meteorological Institute and National Forest Inventory data and statistics datasets on use of woody biomass for energy and industry by Natural Resources Institute Finland, are important for the implementation of the project. The project will have research collaboration with many international research organizations and universities.

On April 25, Janni Kunttu, Pekka Leskinen and Venla Wallius from our Bioeconomy Programme and colleagues from UEF, organized a FORBIO-related backcasting workshop in Helsinki.  Experts from different sectors were invited to join the discussion on the future of sustainable and climate-neutral use of forest resources. The participants got to take a look at different future scenarios and then ponder what structural changes would be needed in order to reach those scenarios.

Further info on FORBIO here.