26th European Forum on Urban Forestry 2024

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Zagreb, Croatia
Historic city of Zagreb panoramic

The 26th European Forum on Urban Forestry gathers researchers and professionals dealing with urban forests and green spaces. The conference takes place annually. The overall theme of the conference is Urban Forests for All. Abstracts that cover one or more of the following themes are invited: Urban Forests for People and Society, Urban Forests for Sustainable Tomorrow and Urban Forests for All Living Beings.  The language of the forum is English.

Event is organised by European Forest Insitute, the Croatian Forestry Society – section Urban Forestry, the Croatian Forest Research Institute, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (University of Zagreb) and the Croatian Forests Ltd Company. Co-organisers are the Public Institution Nature Park Medvednica. The Zagreb Tourist Board is sponsoring the event.

Image by Adobe Stock - xbrchx