First international conference of young scientists of Southeast Europe - Forestry science: development and progress based on the past

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Jastrebarsko, Croatia
view of the town Jastrebarsko

The conference will be opportunity to mark 25th anniversary of tragic accident in which 6 Croatian renowned forestry scientists lost their lives. Nevertheless, knowing how fragile our future is without young scientists and their efforts we would like to dedicate this conference to them. Hereby, young scientists of South-East Europe would be given the opportunity to present their work and accomplishments with 25 yearlong detachment from initial work of our deceased scientists. We would like to do so to present accomplishments and progress during this time, which lay on the foundations our deceased colleagues.

In ceremonial part of the conference, colleagues from Croatia and SE Europe would talk of our deceased colleagues and their scientific cooperation, while scientific part would be left to young scientists for presentation of their research results. This is also opportunity to communicate and present visions of IUFRO and to show how significant IUFRO regards efforts and dedication of young scientists.

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