Future Challenges: Risk Communication Workshop

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Nicosia, Cyprus
Risk communication

The workshop ‘Future challenges: Risk Communication’ is part of a series of Workshops that cover future challenges and associated uncertainty. They are interactive events using a flipped classroom concept: participants study theory (knowledge and comprehension) in advance so class time can focus on higher level skills (application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation) in discussions and exercises. The workshop is a continuation of the online course ‘Basics of Risk Communication’ that was held in November 2021.

The programme of the workshop will cover communication of risk-related research to a range of audiences, including media, as part of a solid communication strategy. We will reflect together on how to handle conflicts and controversies in communication. Each participant will receive support and personalized feedback on communication of their own research.

The workshop is open to both external students that are not involved in the Pyrolife project as well as early stage researchers (ESRs) who take part in the project.