Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 6

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How do governments tackle environmental challenges like carbon emissions? Join us for the Forestry Speed Dating: Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 6 on 14 March at 10:00 CET and gain insights into public schemes initiatives from Catalonia, Spain and Poland.

Catalonia: Climate Credit System

The Government of Catalonia created its climate credit system to enhance the absorption of CO2 emissions. The carbon credits are an exchange unit designed to facilitate investments in nature-based solutions in Catalonia within the framework of voluntary compensation or corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The Catalan system will allow the offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions within the region for the benefit of rural areas; climate credits generated in agriculture, soil management, and the restoration of coastal and marine habitats will be included in the system.

Poland: Carbon Forests Project

In August 2022, the State Forests of Poland launched the “Carbon Forests” project, which targets forest management to increase carbon retention in the various elements of the forest ecosystem and the ability to calculate these changes using the Canadian Forest Carbon Budget Model (CBM-CFS3).

The project's proposed activities aim to increase CO2 sequestration by forests through:

  • Afforestation of non-forest and forest land,
  • Promotion of natural regeneration,
  • Introduction of undergrowth and underplanting (in stands with a canopy of no more than 0.8) and
  • Promotion of good practices in soil preparation for reseeding or restoration, which contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.