Key questions on forests in the EU

The value of forests cannot be overstated. Forests play a crucial role in our well-being. From storing carbon and mitigating climate change, forests provide habitats for animals and livelihoods for humans. There are numerous interesting facts about forests. So, we asked experts to answer commonly asked questions about forests and their benefits. Explore these questions by looking into the categories below: 

Marked trees in a forest
Forest resources in Europe

Learn more about the current state of forest resources in Europe, how forest resources have developed, and how the carbon sink and stock have evolved.

Forest affected by climate change
Forests and climate change

Find out how climate change has affected EU forests, how forests and wood use help meet climate goals, and what might happen next.

Green landscape
Forests and biodiversity

Explore the most burning questions about how we can effectively maintain and enhance forest biodiversity in Europe and the role of forest management in biodiversity conservation.

People walking through a forest
Forests and society

Discover how forests improve our health and well-being, how they support our cities, what people think about forests, and who actually owns the forest.

EU flag and gavel
Forests and EU decision-making

Discover more about how forest-related EU decision-making works.

Wooden letters
Forest questions translated

Explore our forest questions in German, French, Italian and Spanish.


EU forests in a nutshell

Interested in all the latest facts and figures on EU forests? Check out this short explainer video where the most relevant questions on forests are answered.