Key questions on forests in the EU

Knowledge to Action 4

Harald Mauser
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A solid and holistic understanding of the different roles forests play is necessary to be able to design policies that help to maximize synergies and minimize trade-offs between the different forest uses. This publication compiles key research findings in the form of 12 questions on forests in the EU and the benefits they provide to society. It aims to inform a wider range of people who are not forest experts, but who are interested in information on some of the many contributions forests make to achieving EU policy goals. Harnessing its ongoing monitoring of recent EU policy processes, EFI selected the following areas in particular: bioeconomy, civil protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation, forestry, impact on global forests, nature conservation, public health and regional development.

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Recommended citation: Mauser, H (ed). 2021. Key questions on forests in the EU. Knowledge to Action 4, European Forest Institute.

Number of pages: 62

ISBN 978-952-7426-05-0 (print)
ISBN 978-952-7426-06-7 (pdf)

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Alice Bisiaux, EFI
Rach Colling, EFI
Clive Davies, EFI
Rik De Vreese, EFI
Michael den Herder, EFI
David Ellison, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU
Lauri Hetemäki, EFI
Pekka Leskinen, EFI
Marcus Lindner, EFI
Marko Lovrić, EFI
Inazio Martinez de Arano, EFI
Harald Mauser, EFI (editor)
Valerie Merckx, EFI
Dominik Mühlberger, Austrian Research Centre for Forests BFW
Bart Muys, KU Leuven
Barbara Öllerer, Austrian Research Centre for Forests BFW
Elisabeth Pötzelsberger, EFI
Helga Pülzl, EFI Forest Policy Research Network
Lea Ranacher, Wood K Plus
Andreas Schuck, EFI
Diana Tuomasjukka, EFI
Liisa Tyrväinen, Natural Resources Institute Finland LUKE
Christophe Van Orshoven, EFI
Hans Verkerk, EFI
Gerhard Weiss, EFI Forest Policy Research Network
Camilla Widmark, EFI Forest Bioeconomy Network
Georg Winkel, EFI
Bernhard Wolfslehner, EFI
Sven Wunder, EFI
Ivana Zivojinovic, EFI Forest Policy Research Network