Annual Conference, 26.09.2018

The official decision-making session is for the representatives of EFI member organisations to take the formal Annual Conference decisions. A members dialogue session is aimed to representatives of EFI member organisations and the EFI member countries only.

Provisional agenda of the decision-making session

Background documents (pdf)

Wednesday, 26 September, at 9.00 11.30
9.00 Item 1 Opening of the Conference (10´)
    a) Registration of the Participants
    b) Adoption of the Agenda (voting item)
9.10 Item 2 Election of the Officers of the Conference (5´) (voting item)
    a) Vice-chair of the Conference 2019
    b) Minute-checkers
    c) Vote-checkers
9.15 Item 3 Board report to the Conference (15´)
9.30 Item 4 EFI Reports and Plans (45´) (voting item)
    a) Review and adoption of the Annual Report 2017
    b) Approval of the audited financial statements 2017
    c) Approval of the Work Plan for 2019
10.15 Item 5 Election of Auditors of Accounts of 2019 (10´) (voting item)
10.25 Item 6 Board members 2018-2021 (30´) (voting item)
    a) Re-election of one Board member for the period of 2018-2021
    b) One vacant seat for the period of 2018-2021
10.55 Item 7 Annual Conference venues 2019-2021 (15´)
    a) Venue of Annual Conference 2019 
    b) Venue of Annual Conference in 2020 and 2021 (voting item)
11.10 Item 8 Conference and Membership issues (15´)
    a) A welcome to new members
    b) Membership fees 2019 (voting item)
11.25 Item 9 Any Other Business (5´)
    a) EFI fellowships
11.30   Closing of the Decision-making session
11.3012.00   Coffee break (30´)
    Members' dialogue session
12.00–13.10   Science-Media partnerships, moderated by Marc Palahi, EFI

In this session we will discuss our pilot science-media partnerships that have proven to be an effective tool. We welcome also your views on how to develop the initiatives further. Here's some background materials for this session. (Science-Media and Handbook for Scientist)
    Official photograph
    Afternoon programme
13.1514.45   Lunch

European Forest Quiz to celebrate the occasion of EFI's 25th Anniversary

In this unique event you can test your knowledge on European forests and forestry, working together in teams of 6-8 persons that compete for eternal fame. Refresh and apply your knowledge and skills in several blocks of 8-10 questions in the format of a pub quiz, on ecological, management, political and cultural aspects of forests and forestry in Europe and worldwide. Quizmasters will be Frits Mohren and Simon Klingen (both world-famous in the Netherlands for their bi-annual National Forestry Quiz).

    Coffee and drinks available
18.45   Departure by bus (We depart in front of the CarlosV hotel)
19.3022.00   Gala dinner at Hotel El Faro, Alghero