Annual Conference

Wednesday, 18 September 2019, at 9.00-16.30

Provisional Agenda



Members´ dialogue session

9.00 Governance programme (50´)
  Introduction (5´)
  Marc Palahí, EFI
  Reflections from the FLEGT and REDD Unit (15´)
  Jussi Viitanen, EFI
  Valérie Merckx, EFI
  Focus and activities of the new Governance programme (15´)
  Georg Winkel, EFI
  Discussion (15´)
9.50 Structuring the European forest research
  Introduction (5´)
  Robert Mavsar, EFI
  Insights on Horizon Europe (10´)
  Martin Greimel, BOKU
  FTP Strategic Research Agenda (10´)
  Johan Elvnert, FTP
  Panel discussion (45´)

Coffee break


Decision-making session


Item 1
  Opening of the Conference decision-making session (10´)
  a) Registration of the Participants
  b) Adoption of the Agenda (voting item)
11.40 Item 2
  Election of the Officers of the Conference (5´) (voting item)
  a) Vice-chair of the Conference 2020
  b) Minute-checkers
  c) Vote-checkers
11.45 Item 3
  Board's report to the Conference (10´)
11.55 Item 4
  EFI Reports and Plans (30´) (voting item)
  a) Review and adoption of the Annual report 2018
  b) Approval of the audited financial statements 2018
  c) Approval of the Work Plan for 2020
12.25 Item 5
  Election of Auditors of Accounts for 2020 (5´) (voting item)
12.30 Item 6
  Board members 2019-2022 (5´) (voting item)
  a) Re-election of one Board members for the period of 2019-2022
12.35 Item 7
  Annual Conference venues (10´)
  a) Venue of the Annual Conference in 2020
12.45 Item 8
  Conference and membership issues (25´)

a) A welcome to new members

  b) Membership fees for 2020 (voting item)
  c) Changes to the Conference Rules of Procedure (voting item)
13.10 Item 9
  Any other business (5´)
  a) EFI fellowships
  Closing of the Decision-making session
13.15 Official photograph and lunch


Members' dialogue session continues

14.30 Parallel sessions
  Session 1: Building science bridges with China (60´)
  Moderator: Elena Paoletti, CNR, Chair of the EFI Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
  Framework, survey and EFI's future institutional presence (10´)
  Marc Palahí, EFI
  EFI's work on Europe-China forest bioeconomy (10´)
  Xiaoqian Chen, EFI
  Panel discussion (20´)
  J. Bo Larsen, University of Copenhangen
  Xu Xinwu, Nanjing Forestry University
  Xia Jun, Asia-Pasific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet)
  Discussion (20´)
  Session 2: Open science and data: which EFI position (60´)
  Introduction (10´)
  moderator Erwin Dryer, INRA
  EFI's views on open science (10´)
  Robert Mavsar, EFI
  Comments (10´)
  Gary Kerr, Forest Research, EFI SAB
  Discussion (30`)
15.30-16.30 Interactive networking coffee with EFIers
17.45 Transportation to the EFI Gala dinner

Civic Reception hosted by the Lord Provost of Aberdeen

19.30-22.00 Gala dinner in Beach Ballroom