Scientific Seminar 19.09

Plantation forests to native forests: delivering multiple ecosystem benefits in a changing climate

In the context of an increasing global demand for wood-based products and an accentuation of climate change impacts on European forests, the role, challenges and opportunities that forests offer requires an informed dialogue between scientists, policy-makers and practitioners.

This seminar aims to discuss from a scientific perspective the potential, risks and opportunities of forests in terms of their contribution to the development of a sustainable bioeconomy. The seminar will also reflect on the roles of natural and planted forests in delivering ecosystem services and how they are perceived by society.



09.00 Opening
09.30 Session I – Setting the Scene: Setting the Scene: From Scotland to the world
09.30 Scotland’s new Forestry Strategy?

State of the world's planted forests: which role in the future?

10.20 Discussion
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Session II – The future of planted forests in Europe
  Chair: Margarida Tomé, University of Lisbon
11.00 European forests: past trends and future outlook
  Hans Verkerk, EFI
11.20 Which role for planted forests in Europe?
  Peter Freer-Smith, The University of California, Davis, USA
11.40 Plantation of non-native species: ways forward and issues at stake
  Elisabeth Pötzelsberger, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
12.00 Adapting planted forests genetic to future climate and other risks
  Catherine Bastien, INRA
12.20 Discussion
12.35 Lunch break
14.00 Session III – Which benefits from different types of forests in a changing climate?
  Chair: Bill Slee, The James Hutton Institute
14.00 Assessing multiple-benefits from different types of forests
  Davide Pettenella, University of Padova

Contribution of new forests to the carbon balance and wider ecosystem services


What stakeholders want: bridging the splits in planted forests

  Anna Lawrence, University of the Highlands and Islands
14.30 Discussion
15.15 Coffee break
15.45 Session IV –developing a resilient forested landscape
15.45 Opening talk :  Developing resilient forested landscape: how do we integrate different land-uses and forest types in a sustainable manner? 
  Alison Hester, The James Hutton Institute

New generation plantations approach

16.15 Panel discussion and questions from the audience: Integrating planted forests, natural forests and other land-uses for a more sustainable/ resilient future?

Shireen Chambers, ICF


Fergus Moore, Department of Agriculture, Ireland (DAFM -Forestry)

17.00 Conclusion
  Christophe Orazio, EFI