Practical info, AC 2021

In a nutshell AC 2021! 
2021 EFI Annual Conference
When: 6-7 October 2021
Where: online in Zoom
Whom: representatives of EFI member organisations and Member Countries only (6 October) All the interested (7 October)
Attendance is free of charge. Registration is closed!

Before the Zoom meeting  / webinar

New Zoom user? Installing Zoom onto your device.

  1. A link to Zoom webinar (7 Oct.) will also be sent to you on 5 October.
    Simply click on the link which direct you how to install the Zoom Client for Meeting application and then take you directly to the meeting via the Zoom app.

    If installing on a PC, you will need to accept cookies and save the Zoom Client for Meeting application installer onto your computer. Follow the on-screen installation instructions and, once the file has been downloaded onto your computer, select the .exe file to open the downloaded application.

    If using a Mac, follow the same instructions and, once the Zoom Client for Meeting application is installed, you should be taken directly to the meeting.

    If using a smartphone, select the ‘Download from Appstore’ link and follow the instructions to install Zoom Cloud Meetings onto your device.

  2. After the application is installed, join the webinar with meeting id or just click the invitation link again.

    If you cannot download or run the Zoom application, you can join the webinar from your browser. 

    Please sign/log in to the webinar with your full name and organization. Please allow yourself plenty time to sign/log in prior the start of the conference. 

During the meeting/ webinar

Participation during the webinar on 7 October

  • The host or presenter’s screen will show during the webinar.
  • As an attendee your microphone is on mute and your camera is off.
  • Questions during the webinar can be asked via Q&A box 


  1. You will receive an automatic email invitation from on 6 October by 1:00 a.m. CEST at the latest. If you cannot find the email invitation in your inbox, clutter inbox, or junk email by 6 October at 08:00 a.m. CEST, please contact jarkko.haltia @
  2. In the email, click the link under “To vote, visit:” and in the log-in page, sign in with your individual Access Key and Password and “Authenticate”.
  3. Make your choice for the first vote (accepting the agenda) and click “verify your selection”.
  4. You will be asked to review your choice and then approve it by clicking “Submit ballot”. If you want to edit your choice, click “Edit ballot”. Once you click “Submit ballot”, your choice cannot be edited again.
  5. You can proceed to the next vote by pressing “Next Vote”.
  6. After clicking “next vote”, you will see a list of voting items where you have not yet submitted your vote. Do not close this page before the decision-making session has closed!

Gather town - virtual networking on 7 October at 10 - 10.45 CET

Prior to the webinar, a virtual coffee is organised in Gather Town networking tool. It is a video chat platform that creates virtual spaces to bring people together and connect authentically. Join it here