Annual Conference

for the representatives of EFI member organisations and Member Countries only

EFI Annual Conference
6 October 2021 at 9.30 - 14.05 CET 
Provisional Agenda

Member's Dialogues session 
Background documents (password protected pdf is here)
9.30 Opening
  Marc Palahí, Director, EFI
  Petr Sklenička, Prof., Rector, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  Róbert Marušak, Prof., Dean, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Czech University of Life sciences Prague
  Mr. Tomáš Krejzar, Director of the Department of Concepts and Economics of Forestry, Czech Ministry of Agriculture 
9.40 EFI's new Strategy Implementation Plan (SIP) for 2022-2025 (View pdf. here ) (presentation)
  Moderator: Rach Colling, Head of Communications, EFI
  Presentations by Marc Palahí, Director, EFI
  Robert Mavsar, Deputy Director, EFI and
  Georg Winkel, Head of Governance Programme, EFI
  Audience questions
11.00 Break (30´)
Decision making-session
11.30  Item 1 Opening of the Conference decision-making session (10´)
  a) Brief introduction to the decision-making session
  b) Announcing the total number of participants and voters
  c) Adoption of the agenda (voting item)
11.40 Item 2 Election of the Officers of the Conference (10´) (voting item)
  a) Vice-chair of the Conference 2022
  b) Minute checkers
  c) Vote checkers
11.50 Item 3 Board's report to the Conference (10´)
12.00 Item 4 EFI Reports and Plans (50´)
  a) Review and adoption of the Annual Report 2020 (voting item)
  b) Approval of the audited financial statements 2020 (voting item)
  c) Approval of the Work Plan for 2022 (voting item)
12.50 Item 5 Auditors of Accounts for 2022 (10´) (voting item)
13.00 Item 6 Board members 2021-2024 (20´) (voting item)
  a) Re-election of one Board member for the period 2021-2024
  b) Election of one Board member for the period 2021-2024
13.20  Break
13.35 Item 7 Annual Conference venues (15´)
  a) Venue of Annual Conference in 2022
  b) Annual Conference venues 2024-2025 (voting item)
13.50 Item 8 Conference and membership Issues (10´)
  a) A welcome to new members
  b) Membership fees for 2022 (voting item)
14.00 Item 9 Any other business (5´)
  a) EFI fellowships
14.05 Closing of the decision-making session