Registration, AC2022

Registration for the EFI 2022 Annual Conference week has now closed (on 23 September).

Please note that your registration is binding and in the case of cancellation the registration fee or any other fee will not be reimbursed. 

Registration fees

EFI Annual Conference week has three ticket types:

1) Registration fees for EFI Members

Registration fee for EFI member organisations and Member Countries is 170 Euros (physical event) 

This package fee includes:

  • Annual Conference decision-making session and members' dialogue session on Wed 5 October,
  • Gala dinner on Wed 5 October and
    Please note: Security at Sant Pau is very strict and there is a protocol in place to register all visitors in advance.  Please fill in your security document number (passport/ ID card) to the registration form so that this can be registered with security.  
  • Scientific seminar: “Biocities: placing nature and people at the centre of the urban environment” (6 Oct)

One-day fee for participating ONLY the Seminar on Thu 6 October is 50 Euros.

 2) Registration fees for non-members 

  • One-day fee for the Seminar on Thu 6 October is 50 Euros
  • One-day student fee for the Seminar on Thu 6 October is 20 Euro

3) Online participation (Free)

  1. Morning sessions on 5 October. Member Dialogue and Decision-making sessions are for representatives of EFI member organisations and EFI Members only. 
  2. Afternoon session on 5 October. Please choose a ticket for Young Scientists session on Climate Smart Forestry
  3. Scientific Seminar on 6 October at 9:30-13:30. Please choose a ticket for Biocities seminar

Field trip 

Fee for participating in the field trip is 50 Euros

Free events (registration still required) 

  • Pre-conference cocktail on 4 Oct
  • Pre-opening of Exhibition Tree, wood, sustainability and design at the Museum of Design at 16:30-17:30 (6 Oct)
  • Circular Bio-based Prototypes visit & paella 8 Oct

After selecting your participation in the online-registration form, you will be guided to the payment site. Registration fees to the EFI 2022 Annual Conference and the Seminar need to be paid by credit card. In case of non-payment, your registration can not be considered valid. For any questions please contact conference organisers at