2023 Annual Conference

EFI 2023 Annual Conference will take place on 20-22 September in Novi Sad, Serbia.  Conference will be organised together with our member organisation Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment, City of Novi Sad  and Public Forest Enterprise Vojvodinašume, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management – Directorate of Forests, Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province, Public Forest Enterprise Srbijašume, National Park Fruska Gora.

Scientific seminar on ‘European forests and forest science: transition to the future’ will celebrate EFI's 30th Anniversary. 

Novi Sad, Serbia
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September 19

  • City tour will start at 18.30 in front of the City Hall (address: Trg Slobode 1). 
  • At 18.00, buses marked with the EFI 2023 logo will be available to transfer all attendees to the welcome reception venue (Novi Sad City Hall) in the city center. City tour will start at 18.30 in front of the City Hall. At the end of the city tour all participants are invited to welcome reception at the City Hall.

Novi Sad City Hall
  • Bus stops at the following locations: Hotel Aleksandar (beginning point), Hotel Prezident (participants staying at the Hotel Sheraton can wait for the bus in front of the Hotel Prezident). Participants staying in other hotels can take the same buses by walking to some of the hotels named above. Participants staying in the hotels Pupin and Centar can walk to the city center (about 200 m).

    Transportation of participants from hotels to Welcome reception
  • Pre-conference reception at the City Hall at 20:00

September 20 

  • Annual Conference decision-making session and members' dialogue session
    Address: Rectorate building, No.1 Dr Zorana Đinđića Street, The Campus of the University of Novi Sad
  • Gala dinner  will be held at the restaurant "Terasa" located at the Petrovaradin Fortress. 
    Address: Petrovaradinska tvrđava, 21131 Petrovaradin (N 45.253341; E 19.861586).
    The bus will depart at 19:00 from the Hotel Centar and will stop in front of the Hotel Sheraton and the Hotel Aleksandar. Each bus will be labeled EFI 2023 and will be escorted by host representatives. Return buses will leave at 22:30 p.m. from the parking area in front of the restaurant. The buses will make stops in front of the hotels Aleksandar, Prezident, and Centar (the last stop).

September 21 

September 22

  • Field trip to beautiful Serbian oak forests (08.00-17.00)